We create tailored Landlord Packs for businesses of all sizes that are looking to rent new premises. In the current competitive rental market, Landlord Packs help potential renters differentiate themselves from their competition by presenting professional information that gives landlords the confidence to rent their property to you.

A Landlord Pack neatly encapsulates your business concept and covenant, presents vital financial information and gives your business a more professional finish overall, presenting you in the best possible light and enabling you to negotiate the most favourable terms with your new landlord.

We will work with you and your team to gather all the information we need to write, design and painlessly produce a bespoke Landlord Pack that will help you secure your ideal premises, while creating a strong positive relationship between you and your landlord from the very first day.


Our client was a restaurant group that was ready to expand, but needed a snapshot of the existing business, personnel biographies and a document outlining its business goals and vision for the future. We worked closely with the business to create a comprehensive and bespoke Landlord Pack that Havet could use to source potential new site locations as it continues to grow.

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