Mergers and acquisitions are a vital part of the modern business world, delivering economies of scale to all parties and offering an effective way to grow and bring new talent into a business.

Whether you are looking to sell your business, or if you are a growing business looking to expand and quickly absorb new skills, we can search the market to identify businesses whose skills and opportunities align perfectly with yours.

Once a potential business has been identified and an approach made, our experienced negotiating team can then facilitate the entire process, from the original introduction, through the negotiation and on to the integration of the newly-formed entity.

We offer intensive support and can help your business prepare a comprehensive business plan, carry out operational reviews and prepare your company accounts for sale or purchase, helping you to negotiate the best possible price.

Shaun Clarkson ID


We consolidated an existing interior design business and identified a target acquirer. After introducing the two companies, we successfully negotiated terms for a merger between the two during a three-month period.