Without an experienced team to guide you, the planning process can be complicated and is often misunderstood. We work with our clients to offer a complete, one-stop service that demystifies property planning, helping them to identify the best possible options for development and the potential ‘planning gain’ you may be able to achieve.

We can then oversee the entire process from drawing up the initial plans, through to submitting the initial document to the local authority and arranging all the necessary site surveys, traffic, topographical and environmental reports.

Along the way we can liaise with interested parties in the local area, present your proposals and manage expectations within the local community.

Our experienced planning team includes architects, surveyors and planning experts, all of whom will work tirelessly to deliver you a pre-costed and time-effective solution.



We lodged an application to develop a £2.25 million site comprising 29 horsebox stables and a detached house, on three acres of greenbelt land in an exclusive conservation area. We oversaw the planning process and, following an appeal, were given permission to build nine houses on the site. The land is now being sold, with planning, and a gross development value of £8.1 million.