We offer our property clients a comprehensive communications service, managing all communications channels relating to planning permissions, land purchases, property development, sales and acquisitions.

As part of our communications package we can liaise with interested parties, run public consultations, manage public events and work with local authorities on your behalf to enable you to achieve your goals more smoothly.

We design and build websites to act as information portals, and Substantia Group will also act as a conduit for their questions and comments. We can create Community Involvement Statements, as well as managing social media campaigns related to your development projects.

Our cost-effective service will give you the ability to effectively communicate your goals to the wider community without taking up significant amounts of your time, freeing you to focus on new ways to develop your business.



We were instructed to manage the ultra-sensitive planning application for a new football stadium and 42-strong housing estate on 20 acres of greenbelt land. We created a website and social media channels, and carried out a voluntary public consultation. We invited Councillors, MPs, the GLA and the Mayor of London to visit the site, and liaised with relevant press offices. Two planning applications for the site were passed and the club achieved permission after successful referral to the Mayor of London and the Secretary of State.