The Substantia Group work with a diverse range of clients, offering a wide range of professional services, and adapting our service to provide you with tailored advice and products to suit your specific requirements and budget allowances, supplying exactly what you need at every stage of your development.

Our team is driven by providing the best theory, experience and practical support which allows us to best understand our client’s needs. Together, we strive to produce the best business package for you, always supporting your goals.

Through our projects, you will find a variation of clients with high quality bodies of work to highlight what we do best. We work with clients ranging from large scale developments, bespoke builds, and corporate branding. Our projects are a visual representation of what is of key importance at The Substantia Group; trust, respect, and transparency. We shape your future.

To showcase and understand the opportunities The Substantia Group has developed and how you may benefit from those, please click to view our portfolio presentation in PDF format.